Alhambra & Albaicin

A private tour to Albaicin and Alhambra´s tickets included.

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Both the Alhambra and Albaycin were declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The Arabian and well detailed palace of the Alhambra was built as a fortress during the era of the Moors ruling Andalusia. The Alhambra is Spain’s most visited monument, and what helps it even more so is that the Albaycin is another nearby attraction dating back to the era of the Musulman.

Join us for a tour around the Albaycin as we share with you the stories of the people who once lived there. Roam through the alleyways and admire the architectural beauty of the neighbourhood with its Medieval Arabian architecture. We can find an incredibly stunning view of Granada from here.

After the tour in the Albaycin is over, you will be able to enter the Alhambra with a fast-track ticket and avoid those awfully long queues. While in there, check out the Nasrid Palaces, Generalife, Bath of the Mosque, Palace of Charles V and Alcazaba while also looking out for the Garden of Lindajar, Palaces of the Ambassadors, Mexaur and Palace of the Lions.

Prepare to have a new favourite place as Granada provides the most surreal environment in Spain that truly makes you feel like you stepped into another world. This is the ideal way to enjoy Alhambra Palace while learning about the places you explore.


- The DEFINITIVE starting time of the tour DEPENDS on the time slot of the tickets that are ASSIGNED to us by the Alhambra.

The Alhambra is closed on December 25th and January 1st.


  • With tickets for Alhambra, Alcazaba, Palacio Carlos V, Palacios Nazaries.
  • 1.5h approx. guided tour by the Albaicín way to the Alhambra with an expert guide.
  • Skip the queue with our Ticket Fast Tracks.
  • Explore yourself the Generalife Garden, Nasrid palaces, Carlos V Palace and Medina.
  • Walk through the courtyards of the Arrayanes, Reja, Acequia and the Sultana.
  • In English, Spanish (if you want another language you should SEND US EMAIL).


  • Guided Tour in the Alhambra (extra price from 199€ for the group from 1 to 10 people).


After successfully booking, you will receive an email requesting information from all those in the group, such as complete names, surname, age, nationality, gender, passport number/ID of each person, this is because the tickets are assigned to each individual based on their passport ID. Therefore, everyone receiving a ticket must bring their passport on the day as proof.


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